Assembly instructions

Your cupboard is supplied with simple assembly instructions. And when we say simple, that’s just what we mean!

Each individual element of your cupboard is numbered and can be found on the assembly instructions. Simply follow the individual steps to assemble your cupboard in less than no time.

This will save you trouble later on.

It’s quicker if there are two of you

If possible, have someone to help you assemble your cupboard. It’s not only quicker and less complicated that way, it’s also fun!
And in addition, you’ll immediately receive admiring looks as you yourself have measured, designed and assembled your first fitted cupboard. And no-one will know how easy it was!

Simply design, assemble and enjoy!

Top Service: No regrets

  • Delivery in just 5 - 7 weeks
  • Simply assembly
  • Quality goods direct from German manufacturer
  • Telephone assistance

Video: Find out the details

Measuring: It's so easy

It's child's play to get the right dimensions using our measuring instructions