Frequently-asked questions

Here we want to provide answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you can’t find an answer here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Question: Who measures up the cupboard?
Answer: You can determine the ideal size of your cupboard very quickly and easily using our measuring instructions.

Question: I’m worried that the cupboard won’t fit. What should I do?
Answer: We provide a short measuring guide for each cupboard type, which easily explains how to measure up.

Fitted cupboards are always fitted with a small air-gap on all sides. This gap (also called a "shadow gap") is needed for ease of assembly of the cupboard. For this reason, you have to measure really badly for your cupboard not to fit. For you, this means that if you can handle a standard pencil and ruler, not a lot can go wrong!

Question: What is the delivery period?
Answer: The delivery period is currently just 5-7 weeks. It depens on where you live. We will arrange the actual delivery date with you.

Question: How is payment made?
Answer: Currently you can pay in advance with a 3% discount or per invoice after delivery. In this case we ask for 30% disposit. We are working on credit card as payment method. 

Question: What happens if the delivery is damaged?
Answer: We always pack deliveries so that they are ideally protected against impacts. Transport damages almost never occur. However, should something go wrong, we will naturally take care of it. We bear the risk until your cupboard arrives safely!

You have further questions?

Just contact us via mail: service(at) or phone 0049 2234 8980420.

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Measuring: It's so easy

It's child's play to get the right dimensions using our measuring instructions