Quality made in Germany

As a manufacturing location, Germany is recognised around the world for its unusually high quality and innovative ability. We have also consciously decided to manufacture only in Germany.

For us, our own production means constant quality assurance and an ability to react rapidly in production control.

This trust in our own production allows us to offer you a five-year guarantee on all of our products – at no additional cost.

Joinery meets technology

In spite of high standards of quality and German production, we can offer our cupboards at unbeatable prices. The reason for this lies in our high-tech production, which lets us organize many work stages more efficiently.

This means that we can not only secure jobs but also strengthen our local manufacturing site.

Top Service: No regrets

  • Delivery in just 5 - 7 weeks
  • Simply assembly
  • Quality goods direct from German manufacturer
  • Telephone assistance

Video: Find out the details

Measuring: It's so easy

It's child's play to get the right dimensions using our measuring instructions