Quality made in Germany!

Schrank nach Mass
We produce your cupboard in Germany, and it will stay that way. That’s a promise! Your cupboard is a quality product. And we can only be sure of what we are selling if we ourselves have control over what happens during production.

As we are 100% certain that your cupboard is really good, we can afford to give you a 5-year guarantee. Free of charge!

Sturdy wall thicknesses provide necessary support
Your cupboard should stand safely, not wobble, and still look good when it’s full. This is why we only use sturdy wall thicknesses for your cupboard. The carcass and the front of your cupboard is always 19mm thick. Rear walls are particularly important for the stability of your cupboard. This is why we always use 8mm wall thicknesses here and in drawer bases. This means nothing wobbles, and your cupboard lasts for years!

Stabile Wandstärke

High-quality finishes also sparkle for years
The finishes are the signature of your cupboard. For this reason, it is particularly important to select the right material. With us, you only get finishes that are permanently stable and light resistant, highly scratch-resistant and hard wearing.

The inner qualities also count
The best cupboard is only as good as its interior fittings. Therefore an important feature of the quality of your cupboard is what is hidden inside. At cupboardyourway.co.uk you only get interior fittings that keep our promises, starting from the 8mm-thick base of the pre-assembled drawers, through each storage compartment, to the clothes rail. Everything has been extensively tested and found to be good!


Perfection is found in the detail
We produce your cupboard with a love of detail. Amongst other things, this can be seen in the cleanly-rounded 2mm safety edges. This not only prevents sharp edges, but also protects them against wear.


A sturdy base is half the battle
To this end, you can level out small unevenness in the floor yourself using the height-adjustable feet. So your cupboard is always perfectly balanced. So the load is perfectly distributed.


Why your cupboard is simply better:
  • Manufactured in on own production site
  • Wall thicknesses that give the necessary support
  • High-quality finishes that are also permanently durable
  • Top-quality interior fittings
  • Perfectly-aligned base provides stability

Top Service: No regrets

  • Delivery in just 5 - 7 weeks
  • Simply assembly
  • Quality goods direct from German manufacturer
  • Telephone assistance

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Measuring: It's so easy

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